We separate the "Signal " from the "Noise"!



The comments below are actual quotes from clients who have benefited from our experience and expertise.

In the interest of client confidentiality we have omitted the individuals or companies names, however, references are always available upon request.


"This is the first time I've received a detailed evaluation that was written for a non-engineer. I can finally take a report back to management that they will understand and be able to put to good use."

"Excellent, accurate, pertinent data, without the confusion of a lot of engineering's complex numbers and criticisms for someone who "does it differently"."

"You do competitive analysis more thoroughly, and without our engineering bias for a lot less money than we could do it ourselves. Great stuff!! Thank you Garry!"

"We got the same numbers, but Cogent's analysis was able to show us what they really meant. This was very important during the projects early stages. We made the right decisions, and avoided costly spinning."

"Your data was quite a bit different than what we measured, but you quickly helped us understand why, and in the end you were right, and as it turns out, we have been doing it "wrong" for a long time."

"Thanks for the great analysis, it was easy to understand and use. We are looking forward to more of the same... this stuff makes my job a lot easier!"

"I have carefully reviewed your comments, and I really appreciate the thoroughness of the evaluation. This information is extremely valuable to us, and again, I appreciate the services you offer and the timely feedback."
"I cannot say thank you enough to you and Cogent for your assistance in getting to the bottom of these issues. Your help and expertise has saved us thousands of dollars as well as prevented a tarnished reputation and many unhappy customers. "

"Garry, the entire team here wanted to say thank you for your assistance in getting our new Asian sourced products launched successfully. To be able to turn things around and have all new product this quickly is nothing short of amazing. We wrote a ton of business this month, because we can deliver the product on time."