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Current News: 


Our new permanent address is:

Cogent Audio Labs

7235 E. Hampton Ave.

Suite 117

Mesa, AZ. 85209




  •  Cogent Audio Labs continues to grow, and expand our capabilities. We're very proud to announce that we are the only independent test lab in the world to have our own AudioGraph PowerCube amplifier measurement system!


Once available to only the top companies with very large budgets, our commitment to offering the highest possible quality analysis means that we are able to furnish our clients with state of the art reporting information on their amplifier designs, and when used for competitive analysis, it's much easier to determine real world amplifier performance. 

Click here for complete information on the amazing AudioGraph PowerCube system.


  •  Cogent acquires a state of the art radiometric camera for accurate and detailed thermal evaluations!

    We have recently purchased a brand new "state of the art" infrared thermal imaging system that will allow us to perform customized detailed and accurate thermal analysis on many different applications.

    Contact us now for special pricing on this hard to find service!  Example picture:


  •  On the loudspeaker testing side, we now have a new portable TEF25 system, allowing us greater flexibility in a variety of loudspeaker tests and measurements.
  •  The facility improvements continue, we have added more current capacity to our mobile amplifier test   bench, now we're able to handle amplifiers with current draw up to 1000 amperes, and test at any voltage between 5 and 18 volts.
  •  Our non-inductive load bank can handle amplifier output levels up to 16,000 watts!