We separate the "Signal " from the "Noise"!



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our worldwide clients with confidential, ethical, accurate, and pertinent information, in manner they can understand and use, more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional in-house methods.

Our Motto

“Without accurate, understandable data, everything is merely opinion.”

Company Profile

Cogent Audio Labs brings 25 years of audio test and evaluation experience to our clients. We understand the challenges involved in bringing competitive products to market on time!

Our fully equipped lab provides valuable unbiased and repeatable guaranteed measurements, meaningful competitive analysis evaluations, and product application services to consumer audio companies worldwide.

Whether you need reliable and economical incoming batch testing of finished goods, or accurate, thorough and informative competitive analysis, or in-depth assistance with application engineering, we can help you get your projects done quickly and economically.

Additionally, we can provide seminars at your location or ours, on the fundamentals of audio, and how to solve common customer problems quickly and correctly. We instruct using real world demonstrations and a hands-on approach… perfect for retail sales or manufacturer tech support training where retention is crucial.

In the interest of preserving our own livelihood and that of our clients, confidentiality and ethical business practices are of paramount importance. Our confidentiality to our clients goes far beyond a simple non-disclosure agreement... we understand that both our companies successes depend on it!

To preserve our reputation for factual and unbiased data, we do not affiliate ourselves in any way with any specific brands.

All products used for competitive analysis purposes are purchased through normal retail channels, and are guaranteed to be representative of consumer purchased product.   

It’s In The Details

To ensure accuracy and repeatability we have taken great care in the installation and connectivity of our lab benches and equipment. This in turn generally provides an environment that allows the best possible specifications to emerge. It is not uncommon for our calibrated lab benches to provide results significantly better than a daily-use engineering bench.

Our decades of test bench experience allow us to recognize uncharacteristic measurements, and get to the root cause rather than passing them off as unimportant. This kind of experience is what separates us from many others, knowing how to make a measurement is one thing, but knowing what it should be, and what the resultant performance means to your product is something entirely more important.

Our test equipment is all industry standard or better, with names like Audio Precision, AudioGraph, LinearX, Bruel&Kjaer, Tektronics, TEF, Sorenson, Agilent, Hewlett-Packard, and Fluke.

We have the ability to provide our clients with real, accurate, and meaningful data, delivered in a manner that makes sense and provides maximum value.