We separate the "Signal " from the "Noise"!



Application Engineering Support

With over 20 years of experience we can provide application engineering assistance to firms who need to understand more about how a product is used in the "real world"... as well as the expectations of the end user, and the marketplace in general. Need help in Asia?

We can assist in development of products or quality control test procedures with your Asian supplier, at the factory if necessary. Our passports are up to date, and we don't mind travel.

Competitive Analysis  (Very popular program)

You are developing a new product, but what is the competition already doing? How do you surpass them if you don't have an accurate picture of their current performance? What if you fall short? Not having the real answers to these questions can prove disastrous. Data from internal sources can be unknowingly very biased, and can cause your new project to fall short of the competition.

We have no bias, and call the shots as we see them. You get real data, and if the baby is ugly, we'll politely tell you so. We can also help you to correct any problem...

That's why our competitive analysis data is so much more valuable than your internal data... no bias.



Over the last 15 years, we have measured thousands of audio products, using fully documented techniques developed by understanding how the products are used in the real world. Extensive experience combined with an up to date knowledge of the marketplace, allows us to help you identify who your competition is, and our real world, unbiased measurements provide an excellent picture of where your products stand compared to the competitions.

We can measure anything from litz-leads to multi-kilowatt monster amplifiers, loudspeakers, enclosure performance... and almost anything in between. Want to know the frequency response of cables? The actual current requirements of an amplifier playing music? The first failure mode of a speaker?  The impedance curve  of a speaker network? The phase shift in an equalizer? If you want to know, chances are, we can measure it for you with guaranteed accuracy.

Our careful and documented methods provide results above reproach... the real data that you can count on.


Incoming Batch Testing

With our highly accurate equipment and meticulous test procedures, we can guarantee accurate batch testing results. You simply provide the specifications you require and we will verify them in your product. In the case of failures we can provide failure data and analysis, to help get the project back on track quickly. Or, if you prefer, we can also assist you in the development of your specifications and tolerances for quality standards. Our care and experience make us the first choice of many of our clients offshore suppliers, as our measurements are usually better than their own!


Product Development

Cogent Audio Labs has over 15 years of product development experience, and we take great  pride in our ability to not only keep up with the ever changing demands in the marketplace, but to offer ideas and concepts for new product ideas. The vast amount of products evaluated for magazine reviews and the like allow us to spot new trends, and notice improvements in performance, or the emergence of new technologies. Our experience in working with offshore suppliers coupled with frequent trips to Asia can benefit our clients as well.

Training for retailers and manufacturers, sales, installation, and tech support staff

In 2006 we have teamed up with a long time friend Bryan Schmidt who happens to run one of the industries finest training schools, Mobile Solutions to offer several different types of seminars, from 2 hours to 2 days in length... We instruct using real world demonstrations and a hands-on approach… perfect for retail sales or manufacturer tech support training where retention is crucial. Topics include but are definitely not limited to:

The fundamentals of audio, what is sound, and how is it produced, the relationship of power to perceived volume, what is a decibel, what is a watt, and a overview of the main components in a stereo system and a breakdown of their basic parts and functions. Attendees will learn about sound transmission in air, fundamentals of amplifiers, the main components of loudspeakers, and the basics they need to understand how things work and why. A secondary course is offered in fundamentals with topics such as basic information on Ohm's law, impedance vs resistance, how to measure "power", how "stereo" actually works, and what is a "stereo image".

Other seminars deal with system design (home or automotive - clients choice) efficient troubleshooting techniques, how to handle and satisfy problem customers, system gain, how speakers are damaged and how to prevent it, how to maximize any audio systems performance, etc...

Seminar length and topics can easily be custom tailored to your specific requirements.